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The Gym ADvantage Program… Truly a win, win, win!!! Eat your way to a FREE Membership each month!

For the member:

Get your membership paid for when you shop, dine, and indulge yourself at select local businesses that participate in the ADvantage Program. By partnering with local merchants all over your area, Gym ADvantage can offer you the ADvantage of a life time. By simply flashing the ADvantage key tag, you will now save money while maintaining your lavish lifestyle. Enjoy generous discounts at places where you already shop and in restaurants you already frequent. More details

For the business:

When times get tough, advertising is usually cut first from the budget and with economic woes amongst us, owners are having to become creative to sustain their business. The ADvantage Program is exactly that, an innovative way to advertise to a large local audience completely FREE of charge to the merchant. With an extravagant listing on the ADvantage site and a monthly newsletter emailed to literally thousands of our members, a merchant is bound to increase its business by offering generous discounts to ADvantage key tag holders. More details

For the gym:

Since most of the members are saving $8-10 weekly, or averaging $32 monthly, one is easily offsetting the cost of their membership. In fact for some, members are even putting away money each month by using the ADvantage program. Who wouldn’t join a gym if it was free, or better yet, stay a member if they got paid?? Enroll your gym today! Enquire now.

Visit your local Gym to get your FREE ADvantage Card when you join at one of our participating locations.