Advertising In The Gym ADvantage Program

The Gym Advantage Program is an association of local businesses and merchants who see the value of offering unique incentives to a large consumer audience, by affiliating themselves with participating Gold’s Gyms. Advertising in the monthly emailed newsletter, on the ADvantage website, and in high traffic Gold’s Gym locations provide the business owners a great way to reach out to the healthy minded and bodied Gold’s Gym members.

Advertise FREE With A Basic Listing On Our Website And Monthly Newsletter Emails:

Each month, thousands of our members receive an ADvantage Newsletter notifying them of new ADvantages and deals from local businesses. Take ADvantage of all of those eyes and in-boxes by representing your business on our site and in the Gym ADvantage monthly newsletter for absolutely FREE. Gold’s Gym will promote, advertise and persuade our loyal members to shop, dine and pamper themselves at select local businesses who participate in our ADvantage Program. For offering a generous discount, your business can expect to see the same level of loyalty as well. Get started now!

We Reward Businesses Who Reward Our Gold’s Gym Members!

Your business will automatically qualify for a corporate account in which your employees and family members will be offered our lowest corporate rates, when you enroll and offer deep discounts on goods and services to our Gold’s Gym members.